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A sustainable community. JuniorDev is a community that has been going for over a year now. So far this has involved:
  • many regular and ad-hoc Meetups,
  • hosting a JuniorDev Track at a Conference,
  • a regular Monthly Newsletter sent to Junior Developers,
All activities are aimed at Junior Developers, or at improving the industry for Junior Developers. We've also kicked off a series of workshops, called Refactor, which you can read about here Where did it start? Well, when we, the co-organisers, first got into technology it was a lil' later in life than some, and we needed some support, some other JuniorDev friends!! We didn't have the support network of a university alumni, friends from colleage, old work mates, and we realised we were not alone. We started initiatives to help people who are new to Software Developement to upskill, no matter how they entered the industry. With each event we continue to meet engaged Junior Developers, who are learning, sharing and collaborating. We hold diversity and inclusion as a core value of our JuniorDev Community, and welcome anyone, no matter their walk of life or experience level.

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